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What's Missing From Your Range Bag?

3 Things you Need to Have for Every Trip to the Range!

When you’re packing your bag or backpack for a trip to the shooting range, there are some universal items that pretty much everyone is going to include -guns, eye and ear protection, and ammo, to name an obvious few. Depending on what and where you’ll be shooting that day, you’ll be packing different items, but there are a few essentials that you should always have in your range bag.

Safety First. Pack A Medical Kit and Tourniquet

No one wants to think about something bad happening during a range trip, but the potential risk of our sport demands that we be prepared for the worst. You should ALWAYS have a range-centric medical kit in your bag, and that kit needs to include a tourniquet.

What does range-centric mean? A medical kit suitable for a range trip includes more than just a few band aids and alcohol rubs, a good kit is going to include a QuikClot sponge and at least one Bleedstop bandage. These items are potentially life-saving and don’t require any medical training to use. Once you have your kit, don’t forget to familiarize yourself with how to use the supplies correctly.

Police that Brass! Carry a Spent Brass Bag

You’re picking up your brass at the range, right? Well, you should be and when you do, you’ll need a place to put those spent cases. Sure, you can just toss the brass in your range bag and deal with it later, but having a bag for your brass saves you from the time-consuming headache of fishing the brass out from the bottom of your bag, along with the dirt, rocks and other mysterious junk that loves to go along for the ride.

Spent brass bags don’t have to be fancy, they just need to be sturdy enough to hold some weight without breaking. Shotgun shell pouches work great for any kind of brass, or you can even use a low-tech solution like gallon-size freezer bags—they hold at least a couple hundred cases and when they’re empty, they don’t take up much precious range bag space.

Save Your Hands with a Magazine Loader

Loading magazines all day can really do a number on your hands and wrists (not to mention your manicure), so having a magazine loader like an UpLULA is a necessity for every range bag. The UpLULA really does take all the “ouch” out of loading and minimizes frustrations.

Another great benefit of the UpLULA is that it makes quick work of getting those last few stubborn rounds in your magazine. While it won’t cook your dinner or fold your fitted sheets, the UpLULA still ranks in our book as one of the best inventions ever.


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