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How To Carry If You're a Curvy Girl

There are an abundance of really good, functional holsters and some are made specifically for women.  Overall this means we have more opportunities for different types of carry than our male counterparts.  But plus size, or heavy set or full figured women can have greater challenges with regards to concealed carry.  Like anything else new to you, research your options.  You may be pleasantly surprised!

Body Types

For starters, not all full figured women are full figured in the same places or even the same way.

Full Bust

Girls, who are fuller in the bust, may have issues with appendix carry, corset holsters, inside the waistband on the hip and sometimes even the bra holster can be a challenge.  Although, I personally know a few busty ladies that swear by their Flashbang bra holster.   Not all full busted women are busty in the same way.  So what works for one, might not work for another.  The key is to try it on and wear it around and see if it will work for YOU.  Carrying in the small of the back might be a good solution for concealed carry.  But if you choose to carry this way, learn how to draw properly from this position to be safe. 

Thick Waist

Many ladies with a thick waist think they’re unable to appendix carry, but that is generally not true.  We all seem to have this little “pocket” between the hip bone and the navel where a smallish firearm can be carried safely and comfortably.  The bra holster might be another good option as long as your build doesn’t force the grip of the gun to poke out.  A hip hugger type waistband is worth a try as well, depending on your build.  The really nice thing about some of the corset holsters is that they can be worn high or low.  Just remember to practice drawing from them (with an empty gun) before you make them your concealed carry choice.

Wide Hips

For those with wide hips, carrying anything around your waist or on a belt in any position other than the front or appendix can be challenging due to hips affecting the cant or angle of the gun.  Ladies with hips may find that belt holsters cause the grip to dig in to their waist, while the muzzle stick out, making concealing the handgun kind of a problem.  Once again, appendix carry may work for girls with curvy hips as well as a bra holster, like the Flashbang. 

Purse Carry

And for ladies that feel like nothing will work for your body type, there is always purse carry.  Many experts really feel strongly about carrying on your body rather than in your purse.  My take is that having your firearm is better than not having your firearm.  HOWEVER, I also really feel that with all the options available to us as women as far as concealed carry, the majority of the ladies will be able to find an “on body” method of concealed carry that works for them. 

To sum it all up, there are so many ways that women can carry concealed these days, far more ways and choices than men have.  There are bra holsters. There are multiple corset holsters that fit both high under the bra and low around the hips that can be work with any pants or skirt because no belt loops are required.  And of course, there are all the belt holsters, appendix carry, inside the waistband on the hips, traditional outside the waistband on the hips and holsters work in the small of the back.  We didn’t even go into thigh carry and ankle carry holsters which could also work for curvy women.  And when you’re clothing or shape make any of these a challenge, there are many fashionable purse carry options available. 

The important tips for any method that you choose is that it is a quality product.  You’ve made a financial investment in your firearm for personal safety.  Don’t cancel that out by using a cheaply made holster.  Make sure the holster you choose is safe, that it doesn’t allow the firearm to fall out with movement and that it covers and protects the trigger.  Also, make sure that you practice with it.  Spend a little time with whatever method you choose and an empty gun (no ammunition even in the room with you).  Wear it around the house to get used to the feel.  Practice drawing to make sure you can do so easily enough. 

Just because you’re a full figured beauty doesn’t mean your options are limited.  W have a terrific 30-day return policy at GunGoddess.com, so get a good holster and give it a try.  You might be surprised at just how easy it is to carry your gun all the time. 


Written for GunGoddess.com by Tracy Hughes. Tracy is a firearms instructor, competitive shooter, facilitator for A Girl and A Gun Women’s Shooting League and the owner of Brilliant Backstraps.





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