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Flashbang Bra Holster

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Flashbang Bra Holster

LIMITED TIME OFFER: For the month of October only, The Flashbang is being offered in pink, with black suede straps. Flashbang Holsters has partnered with Oklahoma Project Woman, to donate $1 from every pink holster sold to help in the fight against breast cancer. On this page, you'll be ordering the standard black Flashbang. If you'd rather have one of the pink holsters, get it here. 

The Flashbang bra holster has definitely changed the way women carry their guns!

How does it secure the gun?

The Flashbang is a thermo-plastic, molded clamshell that snaps into place over small pistols and revolvers. It tucks underneath a bra band, where it is secured in place by both the band itself and a soft suede strap, that snaps around the center portion of the bra between the bra cups. The open-bottom design of the holster allows the gun to be drawn simply by pulling straight down on the grip of the gun, while the suede strap keeps the holster securely attached to the bra.

How do you draw from it?

To draw the gun, use your weak-side hand to pull the hem of your shirt away from your body. Then pull straight down on the firearm with your shooting hand. Because of the way the Flashbang holster is made, the trigger guard is fully covered until the gun is pulled away from the body while at the same time allowing a full combat grip on the firearm. This technique also presents the attacker with a major distraction while allowing you to access and utilize your firearm.

What about different bra sizes?

The Flashbang bra holster comes with three straps of different lengths to accommodate the majority of bras. Each strap has a directional snap that allows you to quickly put the holster on and take it off, but prevents the holster from being forcibly removed or accidentally knocked loose.

Is it concealable?

Because the gun actually rests partially inside the bra cup, the only portion that's visible is the grip. Although a larger bust line improves concealment, a looser shirt with a pattern on it or a bit of fullness can help a woman with a more athletic physique to conceal the firearm. Some bras may also work better than others, which is why the different strap sizes are included, so you can use the one that fits your bra style best. The straps can be easily changed using a Phillips head screwdriver. As with all holster options, whether this type of holster works for you, your circumstances or your body composition or size, is a personal decision.

What about Colored straps? 

Your Flashbang bra holster comes with a set of 3 tan-colored straps. You have the option to add colored straps, a pack of 3 different sizes in the following colors: red, pink, black, teal, lime and purple. Get colored straps here.


Left-Hand Draw models: Most left-hand draws are special orders, and may take 5 - 15 business days to ship. As soon as your order ships, you will receive an email with tracking number (if you add other items to your order, all items will ship together when your holster is ready).

Out of stock models: We try to keep most right-hand Flashbang models in stock. If your model is out of stock, it will be marked as such in the options drop-down list - you can still place your order, just understand that it may ship within a day or two if inventory is received, or it could take up to 15 business days to ship. If you add other items to your order, they will all ship together. If you prefer a notification when back in stock, just email us Inventory@GunGoddess.com. 




There's a reason we added these videos :) This is great info - watch them before you start using your holster!

How does it work? View this video below of Lisa Looper, creator of the Flashbang holster.


More Tips!


Snap Tutorial 


Frequently Asked Questions/Tips & Tricks!





Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

I don't see my firearm model listed. Can it fit into another holster model?

Unfortunately, no.  While some firearms from the same or different manufacturers may appear the same, the holsters are molded for the exact firearm you will be carrying.

Can you make a custom holster for me?

Unfortunately, no. 

My Flashbang Holster is "riding low" and doesn't stay in place.  How can this be resolved?

Please watch the videos under the "Video" tab to see how you can either "high carry" or "low carry".

The snap on my holster is hard to unsnap.  How can I resolve this?

The safety snaps on the holsters are directional to keep them from ever coming undone accidentally. They can be a little tricky, especially when new. They do loosen up, so work them a few times.  if necessary, use a screw driver to pry on the tab end at first.  Make sure you watch the "Snap Tutorial" under the videos tab!



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  1. great product

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Dec 2014

    I got this for my gf she loves it. Says it is comfortable and she feels safer kbowing that nobody knows she is carrying

  2. Great Fit...

    Posted by Cee Cee on 30th Oct 2014

    I'm a first time purchaser and I LOVE this holster! It's comfortable, easily accessible and conceals extremely well! I ordered the set of black bands also for versatility! I feel better that I have this on body holster as opposed to carrying my handgun in my handbag! I simply love this invention and I recommend it highly! It's not noticeable under any of my tops so far.. I'm completely satisfied...

  3. Comfortable and easily accessible

    Posted by Cynthia on 23rd Oct 2014

    I usually carry concealed in a handbag, however, thought I would give this holster a try. At first, it was a little hard to get used to but after about a week of carrying my handgun this way, it actually became a part of my body. Easy to attach to most any bra. I think you ladies will like this holster.

  4. Comfort

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Oct 2014

    The flashbang holster is extremely comfortable and easy to use. Very concealable even under tighter clothing.

  5. Great!!

    Posted by LEANTHEA on 22nd Sep 2014

    There are sometimes when I just can't carry my conceal purse, this is a great alternative for me. No one knows I am wearing it or that i have a pistol. I had to try different ways to get the fit i wanted but after that it was great.

  6. Thank you!!

    Posted by Becky Lindley on 18th Aug 2014

    Ruger LCP with Crimson Trace: I had a little bit of trouble with the ordering but Athena helped me out quickly and I got my FlashBang earlier than expected. Very easy to adjust the leather strap and the instructions for fitting it under your bra and breast are very clear. I wish I could carry at work. Taking it off and putting it on before and after work is not a lot of fun but it is easy and well worth it to be the sheepdog and not the sheep. Thank you.

  7. Bra Holster for .357 Ruger SP101

    Posted by Dawn on 15th Aug 2014

    I have carried concealed for over 25 years in my purse/vehicle. The only reason I didn't give the FlashBang Bra Holster 5 stars was because of the sweating factor ... the plastic is a wee bit warm in my climate (NM) during the summertime. I am going to try the moleskin that's been recommended. I carry a revolver and since my hands are quite large for a woman, I have a custom grip on it, so its a little bit harder to conceal, but with the majority of my blouses/jacket combo's NO ONE can tell. I did have to create splices in my dresses & slips so I could reach the weapon without too much trouble. I'm liking "wearing concealed" instead of "carrying concealed", and my purse isn't so dog-gone heavy anymore.

  8. Bra holster

    Posted by Angela Herrington on 26th Jul 2014

    I love it. It's hard to conceal a gun with mostof the clothes I wear but this lets me do just that!

  9. Love this holster!

    Posted by Marianne on 7th Jul 2014

    This is my second flashback holster and I continue to think it is a great product. Some have complained about the snap, but once you look at it and see there is only one way that it fits, it works great. Very comfortable and very discreet.

  10. Love it

    Posted by L Huffman on 30th Jun 2014

    I love my new bra holster! I am new at concealed carry and I was never comfortable carrying in my purse and my firearm was always visible if worn on my hip. I spent several hours wearing my new holster and practicing with no problems. It does slip a bit when I bend over but it is easily adjusted. When my husband came home I tried to get him to see anything different on me and he was shocked when I showed him because he could not see a thing. I have already recommended this to friends and family.

Showing reviews 1-10 of 41 | Next